It is essential to floss your teeth at least once each day to maintain good dental and periodontal health.

Flossing removes plaque from between your teeth where periodontal (gum) disease and cavities begin. Those who develop gum disease later in life commonly do not floss, or do not floss properly.

Flossing is of such great importance as brushing will only remove plaque from the surface of your teeth. Plaque left between teeth can cause decay and gum disease.

Proper Flossing Techniques:

  • Use enough floss to hold the ends comfortably in your hands.
  • Wrap the floss around your index fingers and support it with your thumbs.
  • Floss at least once a day, ideally after meals or at least before bedtime.
  • Slide the floss between tooth contacts with a back and forth motion being sure not to “snap” the floss through as it may injure gum tissue.
  • Once the floss is between your teeth, wrap it into a “C” shape around the surface of each tooth and move the floss up and down the tooth surface 4 or 5 times.
  • Since plaque is very sticky, it is necessary to perform these steps or plaque will be left behind.
  • Floss holders are available for those who have difficulty reaching the back teeth.
  • Children should begin flossing as early as possible, with parents help.

Flossing is a vital component of good dental health and general health. By just taking two minutes out of your day to floss, you will promote a healthier, happier smile and better overall general health.

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